Welcome to the website for the 2022 Wynnewood Sukkot BBQ!

The Sukkot BBQ is the event of the season. We are happy to host over 250 attendees each year and this year promises to be the biggest and best ever. The BBQ is open to all whether we know you or not, whether you are affiliated with a synagogue or not. There is no charge but we do ask that you contribute to the event by buying and bringing something.

We are proceeding with our outdoor event without requiring masks. We strongly recommend that everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated do so.

This year the BBQ will be held on Monday, October 10 from 1-5pm! Please register so we know how much food we need to buy – the sooner you register the better! You can register by clicking on this link or button: Sukkot 2022 registration


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See you then, Chag Sameach!



BBQ Kashrut Policy.  While families participating in the Sukkot BBQ may observe kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) to varying degrees in their homes, we strive for a common practice at the BBQ so as to make it possible for all BBQ-goers to feel comfortable eating together. Accordingly:

  • All food brought to the BBQ must be pareve.
  • All pre-packaged/store-bought foods must be certified kosher with an acceptable kosher certification printed on the package. There are several reliable symbols on packaging guaranteeing that an item is kosher.
  • Please note that some products which are dairy are marked with a “D” next to the kosher symbol. These products are not acceptable for the BBQ because we are serving meat.

Acceptable symbols include the following:


Please note: A product’s list of ingredients is not an acceptable indicator of kashrut. Such lists do not give details as to the kashrut of the equipment on which the food was made and are often silent as to what “natural flavors” or “natural colors” are used.


The BBQ Guys love to grill and we love the holiday of Sukkot. Over 18 years ago we came up with the idea of hosting a BBQ on Sukkot. We close down Wayfield Road between Knox and Hillside Rds and set up two large Sukkahs.

The Sukkot BBQ is more than just a reason for us to grill lots of meat. The BBQ brings together Jews from many different backgrounds and synagogues (or even those who do not go to synagogue) to share in the Simcha (joy) of Sukkot. We invite all to join us. If we do not know you yet, all the better. We would love to meet you.

We hope that you will join us, sit in a Sukkah, and share in a very festive meal.

Brought to you by the BBQ families:

Malik Wyner
Zeff – emeritus

If you have any questions about the BBQ – kashrut or anything else – please don’t hesitate to email us at SukkotBBQ@gmail.com.

Come Hungry! We serve lots of food. Plenty of Hamburgers, Hot dogs and specialty meats. Vegetarian options as well. Sides, chips, drinks (beer and soft drinks) and dessert. Parking is available on Knox, Wayfield, or Hillside roads.