BBQ Kashrut Policy.  While families participating in the Sukkot BBQ may observe kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) to varying degrees in their homes, we strive for a common practice at the BBQ so as to make it possible for all BBQ-goers to feel comfortable eating together. Accordingly:

  • All food brought to the BBQ must be pareve.
  • All pre-packaged/store-bought foods must be certified kosher with an acceptable kosher certification printed on the package. There are several reliable symbols on packaging guaranteeing that an item is kosher.
  • Please note that some products which are dairy are marked with a “D” next to the kosher symbol. These products are not acceptable for the BBQ because we are serving meat.

Acceptable symbols include the following:


Please note: A product’s list of ingredients is not an acceptable indicator of kashrut. Such lists do not give details as to the kashrut of the equipment on which the food was made and are often silent as to what “natural flavors” or “natural colors” are used.


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